Family Law

CPLS, P.A. Law Firm is experienced in all aspects of Florida family law, including dissolution of marriage, paternity, adoption, supplemental modifications, contempt and enforcement actions, and domestic injunctions. Here at CPLS, P.A. Law Firm we understand the emotions and stress that can coincide with having to litigate family issues in the courts and we work to take that stress away from you by compassionately and effectively representing your interests and those of your children.

Dissolution of Marriage

Any divorce is accompanied by a wide range of emotions and stresses and the goal at CPLS, P.A. Law Firm is to try and alleviate as many of those stresses as possible, while protecting your child(ren), defending your property and seeking a fair outcome. For a free consultation to discuss your rights during a divorce, please contact CPLS, P.A. Law Firm today.


In Florida, a biological Father who is not married to the Mother does not have legal rights to their child. If a situation ever arises where an un-married biological Father is being denied timesharing with your minor child(ren), the only legal recourse is to file for an official paternity determination through the Courts and have the Court establish a timesharing plan for the parents, in the event the parents cannot otherwise work out a timesharing agreement amongst themselves.


If you have any questions related to adoption, whether it be through an accredited agency, a private adoption or a step-parent adoption, CPLS, P.A. Law Firm stands ready to answer those questions and guide you through the adoption process.


If one party is not complying with a prior Court Order, whether it be a timesharing plan, a child support decree, or the terms of a marital settlement agreement, the other party does have rights to get the Court to enforce those prior Orders and the Court does have discretion to hold that party in contempt, order re-payment, additional fees and costs, and even possible incarceration. If you have been frustrated by another party’s willful disregard for prior Court Orders and do not know what to do next, please contact CPLS, P.A. Law Firm to discuss your rights and options.

Injunctions for Protection Against Domestic Violence

If someone is harassing, stalking or physically abusing you, then it may be necessary to take the legal step of seeking an injunction for protection. In most cases, once a petition is filed for an protective injunction, the Court will issue a temporary injunction almost immediately, so if you are in fear, do not hesitate to contact CPLS, P.A. Law Firm for the guidance you need in securing a more permanent injunction and getting back some peace of mind.

Supplemental Modifications of Child Support

If either party’s income has been increased or decreased, under Florida law you may be entitled to a modification of the current child support amount being paid. If you have questions about potentially modifying your child support amount, please contact CPLS, P.A. Law Firm for a free consultation to discuss your options under Florida law.

Supplemental Modification of Timesharing

Any timesharing plan created under Florida law allows for modifications upon the showing of a substantial change in circumstances. For example, many times a timesharing plan is created when a child is very young and when that child begins formal schooling, sometimes the schedule that was previously used becomes untenable. If this situation does in fact arise, or if there has been a change in circumstances that warrants a change in the timesharing schedule and you believe making such a change would be in you child’s best interests, then please contact CPLS, P.A. Law Firm for a free consultation to discuss your options under Florida law.